Managing Appointments & Online Bookings

With our Online Scheduling, patients who click on your Google Ads will now be able to request an appointment directly from the landing pages. This improves the Booking Conversion Rate for your campaigns, plus, it allows us to send patients who have booked in Appointment Confirmation emails and Reminders via SMS. Confirming appointments is simple and in this article we'll show you how to view all Appointment Requests and what to do with them once they come into the  CRM

How do I know when someone has requested an appointment?

Once a patient has requested an appointment, you will receive an email notification with all the details of the appointment request. All appointment requests will also be listed in the Appointments tab of your CRM as well as under Follow Up Needed (3x) with an "online booking" tag. 

Confirming, Rescheduling & Cancelling Appointments

Next, you'll want to go to the Appointments tab, and check your practice calendar to see if you can schedule that patient into the time slot they've requested. If you can't, call the patient and find a time that works.

  • If the requested date & time are available, Confirm the appointment.
  • If you have spoken to the patient and were able to reschedule them in for another time, select Reschedule & select the new date & time. 
  • If for some reason, the patient cancels their appointment, select Cancelled.
  • If the patient does not show up to their scheduled appointment, select No-Show.

What happens when I confirm the appointment?

Once an appointment has been confirmed, the patient will receive an Appointment Confirmation via email and SMS. We will also be sending out a couple of SMS reminders prior to their appointment. 

You will also notice that the patient card has now moved over to the Booked Appointment stage and will display the appointment date and time. If you do not see the date and time, make sure to toggle Calendar Event on. Additionally, if you hover over the Notes icon, you'll be able to see any notes the patient added when booking. 

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