Everything you need to know about Automated Front Desk

Automated Front Desk Improves Your New-Patient Experience. 

The automated front desk is designed to help your reception staff book more enquiries by improving the new-patient experience. It does this with smart automated messaging all while allowing your staff to seamlessly pick up where the automation stops.

  • Higher book-in rates
  • Better new-patient experience
  • Happier patients
  • Fewer staffing hours required
  • Better morale
  • Faster Organisation

Video Overview

There are 3 campaigns each with its own goals, objective, and automation points.

  1. AFD Campaign 1 (Welcome) > Automatically for all new enquiries
  2. AFD Campaign 2 (Follow up) > When moved to the follow-up stage
  3. AFD Campaign 3 (Goodbye) > When moved to abandoned status (while still in follow up stage)

Campaigns Strategy And Messaging

AFD Campaign 1 (Welcome)

  • Goal: Intelligently welcome new enquiries to the practice and get them to take the next step in the relationship based on if they've spoken to us yet.

Note: Our system determines if the call was answered or missed and divides the enquires into one of the following two campaigns.

  • If Answered: This means we've spoken to the enquiry at least a little bit. The SMS will ask prospective patients if they have any additional questions that your staff can answer for them. This positions your practice as the helpful adviser throughout their treatment plan journey.
Hi! (Your Receptionist) here from (Your Practice Name). Thank you for your enquiry. Let me know if you have any additional questions.
  • If Missed / Form Equiry: This means we haven't spoken to them yet. But we'd still like to start the conversation before the click away or call another practice. To do this, we'll respond with a very friendly "how can we help you" type of message.

Hi! (Your Receptionist) here from (Your Practice Name). Thank you for your enquiry. How can we help you today?

AFD Campaign 2 (Follow up)

  • Goal: Increase callbacks by gently reassuring patients we're still here to help.

SMS #1) Sends 5 minutes after moving to the "Follow Up Needed (3x)" Stage, if still inside the "Follow Up Needed (3x)" Stage

Looking forward to speaking with you. Please call us at  (Your Practice Phone) to book an appointment.

SMS #2) Sends 1 day after SMS #1,  if still inside the "Follow Up Needed (3x)" Stage

Do you have any questions about your dental needs? Here to help :) Otherwise, reply with "Stop".

SMS #3) Sends in 2 days after SMS #2 (3 days total), if still inside the "Follow Up Needed (3x)" Stage

Hey, this is (Your Receptionist) again. If you need anything from me you can call back at (Your Practice Phone) or text back here.

AFD Campaign 3 (Goodbye)

  • Goal: Elicit a response from pointing out priorities and having a fear of missing out.

SMS #1)  When moving to abandoned status while still inside the "Follow Up Needed (3x)" Stage

Since we haven't heard from you, we'll assume this isn't a priority right now. Please let us know if you'd still like to make an appointment.

How To Manage Conversations

You can manage all your conversations easily from the conversations tab in the CRM (on the left side).

Note: If you don't see the conversations option, please contact support.

Inside The Conversations Tab

  • #1: Conversations and filters) This section on the left is where you manage your list of conversations. You can use the 3 filters at the top to change which conversations will appear in the sidebar. 
  • #2: Compose message) Once you've selected a conversation you can send a message with the very small buttons on the bottom left (you may have to scroll down). You can send messages to contacts across 2 platforms (SMS, FB Messanger). You will need the contact's details for each option for the buttons to appear. IE: If you only have the phone number you can only send an SMS. 
  • #3: Read conversation thread) The main section in the middle is a thread of past messages between you and the contact. The automated campaigns will show up as messages sent from you. The small icon next to the small circular profile picture tells you which platform the message is from.
  • #4 Update contact info) If you get more information through further communication you can update the contact on the right. For example, if they say to text them. You can add a phone number easily here.

What if the patient replies "stop"?

There may be prompts in the automation that say something like "or reply stop." If a patient does reply stop their contact "DND" (Do Not Disturb) status will be set to active. Once the DND status is set to active, they won't receive any additional automated messages.

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