How do I get in contact with DMA?

Our team member who was responsible for providing you guidance and information during the Strategy Session on how DMA can improve your practice will be your main point of contact prior to the Campaign build period.

However, once your campaigns begin building, our Dental Marketing Expert is here to help with anything you need. From answering your questions to solving issues to updating your campaigns, we are committed to your success.

Tactical support:

  • Landing Page updates/revisions
  • Billing questions
  • Troubleshooting technical issues

Please feel free to email us for changes or updates. Requests made to support will be visible to your Dental Marketing Expert. 

Strategic guidance:

Your Dental Marketing Expert will reach out to you quarterly to ensure you’re extracting value from our solution. Contact your Dental Marketing Expert for assistance with:

  • Campaign education
  • Performance updates and analysis
  • Strategic digital marketing recommendations
  • Practice training and consulting 

How to Reach Us:

Schedule a 20-min support call:


Email Support:

Email Support is our way of assisting our clients with quick, simple requests. If we receive excessive emails or ones which require a lengthy response, you will be asked to hold your request for a scheduled 20-min support call. We want to communicate with you, however, we are committed to focusing on what is best for our clients. Excessive requests outside of our scheduled communications would take resources away from account management, which is not in the best interest of clients.

Reception Support Call:

Our mission is to help your Receptionists and Practice Managers turn every enquiry into a booking. We have a lot of training articles that we send out at the beginning of your Campaign Launch, but we also understand that sometimes they need some extra support. Our Marketing Expert is available Monday - Friday for extended training calls. Your Receptionist / Practice Manager can book a time here:

20-min Client Support Call:

Sometimes emails just don't cut it and you want to speak with us directly. The best way to get in touch with us is by scheduling a 20-min call:

Alternatively, you can schedule a 20-min support call by calling the number listed above. Please note this is not for requesting a call-back, all support calls need to be scheduled.

*You may have noticed when you first signed up with us, we called you with a different number. This is our sales number and should not be used for any support-related enquiries. Please do not call or text this number.

Support Hours:

Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM (Melbourne Australia timezone), excluding Major Holidays.

Response Times:

When you submit a support enquiry, you’ll typically receive a response within 24-48 hours during business hours. Please understand that we do occasionally experience a high volume of requests, especially during the first week of each month, which can increase our response time to 48-72 hours. Please note that response time and resolution time are not the same thing. Although we try to resolve requests upon the first response, if you are requesting something requiring extensive time and/or outside of the scope of our strategy, this can sometimes take a few days.

Can I have different staff members contact DMA? 

In order for us to work together effectively, and eliminate communication issues, it is best to appoint ONE contact at the practice that will handle all communication with DMA. If you cannot get everyone together for the call, then it is the point of contact's responsibility to relay the information to the rest of the team members effectively. If there is a topic that needs to be discussed with more than one person, please ensure all people necessary are present during the conference call, so we can talk to everyone at once.

How do I give DMA my feedback?

There are a few ways you can give us your feedback. The most common way to do so is by emailing us here, or by scheduling in a 20-min Client Call.
We also send a number of feedback emails to you throughout your client journey to gather your feedback. Answering these are very valuable in helping us deliver a better and more customised experience. We're always learning and growing.
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