When can I expect to receive Invoices?

You will need an actual tax invoice for reconciliation purposes and to meet ATO requirements. Payment receipts can be generated, however, this is not sufficient for the ATO. Therefore you will need Tax Invoices.

Invoices from DMA

Your card will be been automatically charged monthly for our services. You will receive an email as a payment receipt. To view, download and print your tax invoice, click on Download as PDF at the bottom of the receipt. 

Invoices from Google and Facebook

A lot of clients ask us for automated email invoices once their card is charged by Google and/or Facebook. This is unfortunately not an option that Google or Facebook provide, and as such needs to be done manually. This is highly impractical to do for every single client several times throughout the month, which is why we do not do this. Therefore, we can send out ONE invoice every month. 

If you require Google and Facebook Invoices on a monthly basis please let us know. Otherwise, we can send them all at once during tax time.

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