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How does the performance fee model work and how am I charged for enquiries? 

On the performance fee model, clients pay $50 per enquiry. The $50 per enquiry will be due on the first day of each month, for all enquiries from the previous month and will be automatically deducted from the Client’s payment method on file each month.

An enquiry is defined as any enquiry/lead to the practice that is NOT a wrong number call or exisiting patient as identified during our call recording analysis of the first call. Missed calls are counted as enquiries, as well as existing patients that we are not able to identify on the call recording. Enquiries will be either in the form of a phone call enquiry or a web form enquiry. Phone call enquiries are forwarded to the phone number provided in the kick-off questionnaire. Web form enquiries arrive in the Client’s email inbox to the email provided in the kick-off questionnaire.

You can find the total number of enquires in your Monthly Reporting Dashboard under the Enquiry column. We take the total number of enquiries and multiply it by $50 to arrive at the Monthly Performance Fee.

Are we billed for Bookings or Enquiries? What is the difference?

This is a common misunderstanding. 

A booking is when someone calls and books a time in with the reception staff to come in for an appointment. 

An enquiry, as stated above, is when someone makes an initial phone call or completes a web form enquiry, also known as a lead.

For example if a mum moves to the area and books herself and 3 kids for an appointment, this is considered 4 bookings, but one enquiry. However if someone calls and wants to make an appointment but doesn't book, this still counts as one enquiry. 

We work on this basis because it's transparent, we can see exactly how many enquiries are generated. However we cannot see how many bookings there are as many of the enquiries are form enquiries and we do not know if they turned into bookings unless our clients let us know.

Do I get charged when an Existing or unqualified Patient books in?

When we listen to the call recordings, we can identify if the caller is an existing patient and mark the outcome as 'Existing Patient' and remove these from being counted as enquiries. However we cannot identify all existing patients from coming through, therefore we have also implemented the following:

1. We previously charged $60 per enquiry, however, we have updated our Performance Fee to $50 per enquiry to compensate for the small amount, if any, of existing patients (or patients from too far away, or just unqualified enquiries) booking in through our campaigns. E.g 20 lead at $60 = $1200, now $1000, this easily compensates for the few existing patients who may book.

2. It is normal that a couple of existing patients book in from our campaigns, and as much as we take measures to prevent this from happening, this is somewhat unavoidable. It is important to remember that the amount is generally very little, so it is negligible. If you are very concerned about this, then it might be better to work together on a fixed monthly retainer opposed to the per enquiry model (this usually works out to be more expensive). For example 3 existing patients works out to be $150, vs a monthly retainer of $2000 per month.

If you still have concerns and would like to switch to a retainer-based fee structure, please schedule a 20 min call to discuss other options available.

Do I get charged for Missed Calls?

Yes. Our aim is to generate enquiries for you, however, we are not able to answer your phones and therefore this falls within your responsibility. Don't worry. All of the missed call enquiries will be imported into your CRM in  real-time. It is important that you check your CRM  often, to follow up with these missed calls ASAP. 

Will I be charged for Test Calls or Test Form Enquiries? 

If you wish to complete any test calls, please let the call connect and let reception know it is a test, so when we listen to it, we will know to remove it as an enquiry. If you are completing an online form enquiry as a test, change your surname to "test". 
If it is not clear it is a test, we will have to charge you for the lead. 

Is the call tracking setup on our practice website and tracking our normal practice calls?

The call tracking is only setup on the campaigns related to the advertising we are running. The unique call tracking number only shows when someone clicks on a Google or Facebook ad, and goes to the landing pages we have built. This way we are only recording enquiries coming from the advertising campaigns we have setup for you.

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