Can I Pause my Campaigns?

Pause under 14 days
We allow account pauses to accommodate seasonality, investment re-evaluation, extended vacations, and the like. There is a maximum pause time of 14-days unless otherwise agreed on. We will need at least 1 business day notice to action a pause.

We will pause the ads but will continue the optimisations and management fees as normal. We may slightly increase the daily spend to make up for "missed" advertising days to reach the correct monthly ad spend.

Pause over 14 days
If you need more than a 14-day pause this may be provided at DMA's discretion. We will require an advanced 30-day deposit. Also your management fee will be replaced with a $5 per day pause fee to cover the costs of the vendor maintenance fees. A pause after the billing cycle will not result in a refund as campaign optimisation work has been scheduled and will still be completed. 

If the campaigns are paused for any amount of time, this will be added to the contract term.

Please note that every time the campaigns stop, the algorithm of the ads being optimised will be reset on the Google and Facebook platform. This can seriously affect the performance of the campaigns, such as quality scores, Ad history, which drives up the cost per click which in turn increases the costs of the enquiries. So, for the performance of the campaigns, we recommend not pausing the campaigns unless absolutely necessary.

All pauses or turn-off requests must be submitted via the Request to Pause form:

Can I pause some of my campaigns?

If you wish to pause specific campaigns then you still are required to spend the minimum budget to keep the account active. Some campaigns will not get a sufficient number of searches per month to spend the minimum budget, therefore we will need to discuss a new strategy before pausing or turning off any campaigns. If you do not meet the minimum budget requirements, then this effectively cancels/terminates the contract. See for more information on canceling. The pause fee of $5 per day will be waived as long you are running at least ONE campaign and still spending the minimum budget to keep the account active. 

All pause requests must be submitted via the Request to Pause form:

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