Understanding Your Campaigns

Now that your campaigns are live, we want to outline 2 Pillars that will make your campaigns a success:

  • Volume of Enquiries
  • Practice Management

1. Volume of Enquiries

This is the number of enquiries your practice will receive, primarily in the form of phone calls and some will be web form enquiries.

Dental Marketing Australia is responsible for generating the volume of enquiries. We work to get the highest quality of enquiries at the lowest possible cost. This way we’re making the most of your advertising budget.

2. Practice Management

There are 4 important metrics for Practice Management:

  1. Low Missed Calls 
  2. High Bookings
  3. High Patient Attendance
  4. High Treatment Plans Offered

Your practice will be responsible for answering the phone in as few rings as possible, booking appointments, following up to ensure patients attend the appointments, and providing quotes and treatment plans to patients.

We use call tracking to record each call and provide you with the call recordings, so you can assess the calls and provide training to your reception staff –– our clients usually have their Practice Manager complete this role. We also recommend letting your receptionists know these calls will be recorded for training purposes.

Below you can find a link to our Practice Management Training Manual. It contains the most common reasons where new patient bookings are lost on the phone and how to deal with them. We recommend to print one out for each of your receptionists:

Download The Practice Management Training Manual Here

Additionally, review: How to turn every Phone Call into a New Booking as a guide for your receptionists when answering the phone and Reception Training - Specific Scenarios

The biggest variable in making the campaign work is these 4 areas. An issue with any of these metrics will mean a low number of patients no matter how many enquiries are generated. Therefore, working on improving these will be an ongoing process. By using the call tracking, reports, and training manual, we can work together at increasing this and ultimately the number of new patients.

Campaign Progression

To begin with, we start with a smaller budget of around $2,000. 

Once the campaigns are working and you start getting an ROI, then we increase the advertising budget to increase the volume of enquiries and your return on investment. 

For example, say in month 3 you spend $2,000, and we found that each new patient costs $1,000 and the lifetime patient value was $10,000. That means there was a 900% return on investment (ROI). So, the next month, we would look at upping the budget to $2,500 and see if the numbers hold. 

Our clients who get very good returns are spending anywhere from $5,000-$10,000+. 

Can I see my Google Ads live? 

There is little point in trying to ‘Google' to try and see your ads because the settings are set so the Ads are shown evenly throughout the day, so chances are you won’t see the ads appear by Googling them.

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