What's included in my Advertising Package?

DMA's Advertising Package refers to the implementation and ongoing management of one or more of the following campaigns into your practice:

  • General Dentistry Campaign
  • Orthodontic / Invisalign Campaign
  • Implants Campaign
  • Cosmetic Campaign (includes Cosmetic, Veneers and Crowns & Bridges)

What's included in my Advertising Package?

The features and tools within this package form the foundation of success in achieving your practice growth goals.

  • We perform regular Google and Facebook Campaign Optimisations on each account which includes the following: 
    • Budget Optimisations
    • Fluid Budget Management 
    • Bid Optimisations
    • Keyword Analysis Optimisations
    • Locations & Ad Schedule 
    • Ad Optimisations 
    • FB Comment management
    • Facebook campaign management
  • Proven Campaign Specific Landing Pages:
    • Our landing pages are customised with your practice's colours, logo, and include a section about the practice, unique value propositions, Dentists biographies, Google location map, practice operating hours and treatments offered. We build separate landing pages for each of the campaigns listed above. 
  • Call Tracking:
    • Call tracking numbers are included on both the website and web profiles to provide insights into a practice’s performance. These tracking numbers allow us to know where patients are finding you and whether they are new or returning.
  • Automated Patient Call Feature:
    • When a prospective patient fills out an online form from the landing pages or from a Facebook ad, the practice automatically receives a call from our system which then connects to the patient. This feature dramatically reduces missed calls and automatically follow up patients. 
  • Unique CRM & Monthly Report:
    • Each of our clients has private access to their unique Monthly Report and CRM (Patient Relationship Management) so that your practice manager and receptionists can effectively follow up with enquiries.
  • Monthly Update & Practice Consulting:
    • Your Dental Marketing Expert will provide ongoing practice management consulting, using key metrics from your Report Dashboard such as the number of missed calls, booked appointment conversion rates. You'll know whether your practice is in good shape hitting industry benchmarks or needs some work to improve these numbers. 
    • We also provide valuable Weekly Training Zoom Calls for your receptionists as well as articles in our Help Centre which includes example call recordings.
  • Ongoing Support:
    • Once your campaigns have been launched, you will have ongoing access to your Dental Marketing Expert via email and phone support. Who will be available to help with all questions relating to performance including, troubleshooting technical issues, billing questions, strategic digital marketing recommendations?

What else does DMA offer that isn’t included in the Advertising Package?

DMA offers the following add-ons or accelerators to help expedite performance on our platform:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (Contact your CSM for a proposal)
    • SEO Strategy
    • On-Page SEO Website Audit
    • On-Page Website Optimisation and Implementation
    • Google Maps Rankings Package
    • 100+ Directory Listings and Online Profiles
    • Tiered Link Building
      • Tier 1 - 50+ Backlinks from High Authority and Niche Sites on Diverse Profiles
      • Tier 2 - 6,000+ Contextual Backlinks, Profile links, and Social Bookmarks
      • Tier 3 - 10,000 Links, Blog Comments, and Trackbacks
  • Patient Reactivation Campaign
    • Would you like us to generate 20+ Free dental patients for your practice in the first month?
    • How do we do this? We've created a unique proprietary method for reactivating past and inactive patients. We use sophisticated software and have team members who manually send out SMS messages and emails to your past patients (12months or older). They message back and forth until they get them booked in for an appointment on your behalf, all the way through to ensure they show up to the appointment. 

For a full run-down of accelerating your package, give your Dental Marketing Expert a call: https://msgsndr.com/widget/appointment/dmasupport/dma-performance

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