What happens to Missed Calls?

We get it. Sometimes you or your receptionist will be on the other line with another patient, or on a lunch break and won't be able to answer the phone. What happens if you miss a call? 
Don't worry. We will still email the lead to your inbox to follow up. This is what it's going to look like: 

Using the CRM 

You'll want to login into your  CRM and start following up with all of the enquiries in the Enquiries column: 

*You should be using this daily anyway to be following up missed calls, or no answers.

How to use the CRM:

If you have taken one of these calls, you should be updating the Notes in the Enquiry Card, that way all staff can easily see which prospective patients have been spoken to and who have not.  

Need more help on how to use the CRM? No problem! We've put together an article, complete with a step-by-set video here: How do I manage new Enquiries using the CRM

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