What happens when a patient fills out the online form?

If the patient fills out a form enquiry online, this is sent to your practice email address provided in the questionnaire. (Please check your spam folder if needed, and then mark it as not spam.)

Below is an example of this email. Now, let's get familiar with it.

Next, the Inbound Form Calling Feature will call your practice and the patient.

Why it's Effective:

This allows all online form enquiries to be followed up immediately, as soon as prospective patients have shown interest and are ready to book an appointment. Leaving them for even 15minutes means they will have likely called another competitor practice and already booked an alternative appointment.

How It Works:

  1. Someone is searching online for a dentist in their area, and comes across the Google / FB ad. 
  2. They fill out the form on the online web page with their Name, Email and Phone Number. 
  3. Your reception staff will instantly receive an Email Notification. 
  4. This enquiry and their details will also automatically appear in your CRM in the Enquiries column. 
  5. Within a few minutes your practice will receive an automated phone call. Once answered, you will hear a whisper message and be asked to "press 'any key' to accept the call". Then our phone tracking system will call and connect you to the patient who entered their details into the online form. They are requesting an appointment so this is your prime opportunity to get them booked in for an appointment. 
  6. If you do not receive or answer the automated call, you should use the prospective patient details from the Email Notification or CRM to follow up immediately and book an appointment. 
  7. Add your notes to the opportunity card in the CRM. 

How to Handle these Calls and Secure the Booking:

From the prospective patients experience they have just completed an enquiry form online and are therefore requesting to book a time for an appointment. To their delight, they will have received a call within a couple of minutes.

These calls are easily identifiable by a whisper message with the name of the prospective patient and campaign they came from, before the call even begins. They should be handled in a pretty straight forward manner by reception. Take the call knowing they have completed the web form enquiry and that you are calling them to simply book an appointment: 

  • "Hello, [Practice Name], [your name] speaking :)" 
  • Thank them for wanting to book in for an appointment
  • Ask them any qualifying questions needed 
  • Go straight to booking them in for an appointment

Important things to keep in mind: 

  1. Missed Calls: With this calling feature, some of the prospective patients are not able to connect to the practice because all the practice’s lines are busy or it may be after hours. Therefore you will need to call and email to follow up with the prospective patient.
  2. The best practice is to use the CRM and add your notes to the Opportunity Card that has automatically come into the Enquiries Column. As soon as you receive a call or someone fills out the form online, you will see this information as a new card in the CRM. This way all staff can easily see which prospective patients have been spoken to, who have not, and be on the same page.

**Important: You should be using this CRM daily to follow up on missed calls, or no answers. 

I can't seem to connect with the patient on the phone when they call or cannot accept the call? 

Sometimes the FormReactor doesn't work. If it doesn't connect you automatically we recommend checking the live CRM and just calling them ASAP.

For more information on how to use the Report Dashboard effectively, please refer to this helpful article: 

How do I Manage New Enquiries using the CRM?

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