What is Call Tracking and how does it work?

Call Tracking is a tool that allows us to identify where people who call your practice are finding you online, via your landing page or ads. Call Tracking also helps us determine whether a caller is a wrong number, missed call, and what specific treatment they are interested in. 

Read on to learn more about Call Tracking and how it all works. 

What are the benefits of call tracking?

Call tracking provides valuable insight into who is calling your practice and how they found you online. Our team can use this information to improve your online marketing program. Call tracking also gives you visibility into our effectiveness at attracting new patients.

Can I use my current phone number for call tracking?

It is unlikely that we will be able to use your current phone number for call tracking for two reasons. First, we must use different phone numbers to track whether a person calls you via your landing page or an online ad.

Second, call tracking utilises an automated calling system that calls prospective patients who submit a web form enquiry to connect with them while they are most interested. It is unlikely that your current phone number has the capabilities necessary.

We create new phone numbers that forward to your office line. You will not lose any caller data by adopting this system.

Are we able to choose a specific phone number?

We use phone numbers that correspond to your practice’s area code. We do not have the option of selecting specific numbers.

What does the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system say to callers?

IVR greets callers and voices a disclaimer: "For quality assurance, this call may be recorded", to comply with Australian regulations.

What is the automated voice my staff hears before each call?

The automated voice you hear prior to speaking with a caller is the IVR system. You will hear: "New form lead from [the caller's first name]. To accept this call, press any key."

  • The caller does not hear the automated voice. 
  • The IVR system will call the practice first and only once you press a key on your dial-pad will it call the lead. Therefore, you do not need to accept the call straight away, and have time to review caller's form answers in your email inbox. 
  • When you answer the phone, thank them for completing the online form enquiry, and complete the call as you normally would for a new patient. Make that booking!

Why do I have a different phone number on my landing pages to my practice website?

We use different phone numbers to track whether a person calls you via your landing pages or an online ad. All phone numbers will forward to your practice’s phone line.

The number will automatically swap on the landing page if they have come from an ad.

Is the call tracking setup on our practice website and tracking our normal practice calls?

The call tracking is only setup on the campaigns related to the advertising we are running. It would be impractical to track and record every phone call coming into your practice, and as there is a cost for each call, also very expensive. The unique call tracking only shows when someone click on a Google or Facebook ad, and goes to the landing pages we have built.

I can't seem to connect with the patient on the phone when they call? 

Sometimes, the system fails to connect automatically or you may experience an issue with not being able to accept the call. If this happens regularly, please do send us an email so we can troubleshoot. 

If this happens, we recommend checking the live CRM and following up with the patient as soon as you can by calling them using the phone number they filled out in the form. 

If you have additional questions regarding call tracking, please contact us here.

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