How does my Advertising Budget work?


There is a minimum Advertising budget for the account, set at $2000 plus GST per month, per practice. 

We also work with minimum ad budgets per campaign:

  • General Dentistry Campaign: $1000
  • Orthodontic / Invisalign Campaign: $1000
  • Implants Campaign: $1000
  • Cosmetic Campaign (includes Cosmetic, Veneers and Crowns & Bridges): $1000

The minimums are important to ensure the advertising budget is not spread too thin across the campaigns, making them underperform.

Account budgets are paced based on a calendar month. Daily budgets will fluctuate based on performance, pacing and Google and/or Facebook's ad delivery frequency. It is common and acceptable that we pace high or low during the course of the month.
Your budget will allow for a specific number of clicks per month. Whether the budget is spent in 25 days or 30 days, we will deliver the maximum number of clicks your budget can afford. Simply put a higher budget means more clicks, more enquiries, and more patients. 

Increasing Your Budget

We will only increase the advertising budget when our internal benchmarks are met.

If you submit a budget update, the budget update is assumed to apply to the next calendar month. For example, if you increase the budget from $2000 to $3000 on October 15th, we will adjust budgets to spend $3000 in the calendar month of November. 

Decreasing Your Budget

If you decrease your budget mid-month, please take into consideration that we’ve already spent the budget so far this month. If the decrease is substantial, we may not have any budget left to spread out along the remainder of the month which will result in pausing campaigns.
You can submit a request to update your budget either during your scheduled call or by emailing support:

Campaign Progression

To begin with, we start with a smaller budget of around $2,000. 

Once the campaigns are working and you start getting an ROI, then we increase the advertising budget to increase the volume of enquiries and your return on investment.  

For example, say in month 3 you spend $2,000, and we found that each new patient costs $1,000 and the lifetime patient value was $10,000. That means there was a 900% return on investment (ROI). So, the next month, we would look at upping the budget to $2,500 and see if the numbers hold. 

Our clients who get very good returns are spending anywhere from $5,000-$10,000+. 

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