What kind of training do you provide for our reception staff?

As a Dental Marketing agency, our primary objective is to generate leads and enquiries to your practice. 

We understand the importance of turning those enquiries into booked appointments and ultimately lifetime patients. Therefore we also provide valuable training for your receptionists through the use of articles in our Help Centre which include example call recordings. 

We cannot personally completely train your staff, therefore to ensure the success of the marketing campaigns and of your practice, we highly recommend your reception staff are properly trained on turning enquiries into bookings and have strong sales skills.

There are many courses and providers that specialise in upskilling and training your staff, such as Momentum or Prime Practice.

Your Dental Marketing Expert will provide ongoing practice management consulting, using key metrics from your Report Dashboard such as number of missed calls, booked appointment conversion rates. You'll know whether your practice is in good shape hitting industry benchmarks or needs some work to improve these numbers.

Can you give us feedback on how our receptionists are doing on calls? 

While we listen to call recordings we do not provide detailed training for each call. We note down the outcome of calls if it was a Wrong Number, Existing Patient or not an Enquiry. 

Additionally, we have prepared an article that features several examples of great call recordings, that resulted in booked appointments.

To read this article, go to: How to Turn Every Phone Call into a New Booking.

Reception Support Call:

Our mission is to help your Receptionists and Practice Managers turn every enquiry into a booking. We have a lot of training articles that we send out at the beginning of your Campaign Launch, but we also understand that sometimes they need some extra support. Our Marketing Expert is available Monday - Friday for extended training calls. Your Receptionist / Practice Manager can book a time here: https://calendly.com/dental-marketing-australia/reception-support-call

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